Nanotechnological supplies for industry


The company has patented nanotechnological supplies for the industry.
We work with large, recognized and leading companies in the country that need to innovate in order to grow in the market. With allies such as Route n and the Ministry of Commerce Innpulsa Program.

Conductive polymer

Nanotecol created and patented the technology: conductive polymer, an ultra-light polymer nanoreforzado of high conduction.

The polymer can be used in transistors, electricity transport, systems that are exposed to humid environments or rainy seasons. These conditions do not alter the conductivity and integrity of the material.

The innovation of the conductive polymer allows: to replace conductive metal parts, since it reduces the weight, avoids problems of corrosion, reduces costs, does not generate contamination.

Extra strong polymer

Nanotecol created and patented the technology of a polymer reinforced with carbon nanotubes, which generates a material as strong as steel.

In the fabrication of the new nanocomposite material, the nano-reinforcer (resin and nanoparticles) is introduced into the matrix. The manufacturing process of this material is easily scalable industrially and cost efficient. It does not require high temperatures for its foundry or heavy processes and infrastructure. The structures made with this material are easy to repair as it does not require foundry..

Other applications

The group of multidisciplinary researchers of the company has developed under the nanotechnology direction of Nanotecol a series of projects that are ready to be scaled and put into action.


Encapsulation or release
of substances and odors
in textiles and fabrics.

Multi-Purpose Nano Battery

Its size is 50% lower than conventional
batteries, it also reduces
or eliminates the use of
conductive metals by 80%.

High strength

Lifetime adhesion in ceramics.

Cleaning for life

Repellent of unwanted substances
for ceramics and metals.

of soil and water

Carbon nanotubes are capable
of encapsulating heavy metals,
oil spills and / or chemicals.

Cracking nanocatalytic
asphaltenes at
low temperatures

This technology optimizes the catalytic
cracking of the oil, by means
of nanofluidos, applied to petroleum.

Homogenization of ceramic blend

Autocatalytic industrial

Able to transform industrial gases
into air suitable for human beings.