Nanotecol is a Colombian innovation company,
Its mission is to create sustainable nanotechnological innovations that make


About us

Nanotecol is a Colombian company of innovation. Expert in the production,
Large-scale, carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles.

Nanotecol is creating sustainable nanotechnological innovations, to support the growth of our customers. We offer you fast and cost-effective solutions that enable the creation of smart cities.

In order to fulfill this great mission, the company has three lines of business: Nanomaterials, Industrial and Mining. The inventions created in these lines of business generate zero emissions and promote self-sustaining development.


Nanotecol is an expert in the manufacture of nanomaterials. Its production system guarantees profitability and quality..

Industrial applications

Development of nanotechnology applications to improve products and processes in different industrial sectors, with sustainable long-term performance

Mining Applications

Development of nanotechnological applications, highly efficient, profitable and sustainable, for the extraction of gold.

Creating innovation

Nanotecol has a clean production process without pollutant emissions. It has a competitive advantage, based on its human resources of high academic level, with experience and professional practice, with capacity for creating innovation of value.

The innovation process manages a flow of ideas and innovative projects to meet commercial goals.

• Investigation

With the innovation management system of the company, it is identified and formulated the need to develop an improvement in a product or process disagreement with the commercial objectives.

• Solution development

Nanotecol raises the solution, which is executed by Nanotecol and the company, taking into account its market, business model and processes.

• Start up

Finally, the validation and commissioning tests are carried out.